How to Prevent Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

Itching, pain or bulging around the vagina, rectum, or along the large superficial veins on the legs.


What symptoms you should pay particular attention to?

Pain and itching you mentioned places.


How made the diagnosis?

In a clinical study at the doctor.


Treatment and prevention of varicose veins in pregnancy

It is a bit uncertain to what extent one can prevent the development of varicose veins in pregnancy. But you can limit the severity of varicose veins in pregnancy. Here follow some simple advice for treatment and reduction of varicose veins:


  • Beware of your weight! Avoid taking too much on. High weight increases the risk of varicose veins occur
  • Get active on a regular basis. It improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of the accumulation of blood in the veins
  • When you have the option for it, so seats always legs high. It is important, whether you’re working at your desk, relaxing in a Chair or when you lie at night. You get that pressure in the veins diminishes
  • Avoid to stand or sit still too long. Take frequent breaks to stretch and move your legs when you’re sitting or standing and working. It decreases the pressure in the veins and stimulates blood circulation. VIP with your toes and Flex muscles on a regular basis-it also improves blood circulation in the legs
  • Obtain compression stockings. This will both reduce aneurysm of the veins and swollen legs. Stockings should be dragged on before you get out of bed in the morning, since the effect will be greatest. Sea stockings on throughout the day. It should not be denied that the stockings can feel uncomfortable, and that they are thick and heat in hot weather, but this is undoubtedly the best way to avoid the worsening of varicose veins on


Varicose veins will disappear?

For most will be varicose veins much less prominent three to four months after giving birth. Some are experiencing, however, that varicose veins is still there. Varicose veins typically give a little discomfort, but they can be experienced cosmetically disfiguring. Although the risk of blood clot formation is slightly greater in those with varicose veins, so the risk is small for the formation of blood clots in the varicose veins. In some cases there may arise a phlebitis in the superficial veins of the legs, but not this counted as any serious condition and it can be treated with ointment containing hirudoid and are available over the counter at the pharmacy.


If you are experiencing varicose veins as a problem after pregnancy and barselstid is over, you should contact your doctor. Together you can assess the need for any surgery and referral to surgeon. If you are considering surgery, you should probably wait until after you have finished giving birth to children, otherwise can easily arise new varicose vein in later pregnancies.

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